Meet the Team

Business Staff:

Manages a variety of administrative duties in the organization, such as human resources, company financials, invoicing, collections, QuickBooks functions, and coordination of technology, and oversees the back office and support for all three offices.

Joan Eisenhauer – Business Manager
Michelle Brungardt – Asst. Business Manager
Carole Pierie – Admin Support Specialist                 Jennifer Peck - Admin Support Specialist

Healthcare and Human Services Advocate:

Under the direct supervision of a Principal/Director, perform assessments; participate in multidisciplinary human services conferences; testify in court; personally visit clients; monitor care delivery; coordinate a variety of ancillary services; provide crisis intervention; supervise the work of assistants; communicate with healthcare provider office staff regarding procedures and maintain confidential healthcare records; communicate with families and others involved in client’s/ward’s well-being.          

Susan Hunt, LPN
Jay Mankey, LPN
Lisa Phillips, LPN

Estate Administrators:

Under direct supervision of the Principal/Director, administer conservatorships and estates; secure and recover assets; manage banking/investment accounts; reconcile financial statements; review and pay incoming client bills; communicate with insurance companies and financial institutions; prepare financial status reports; prepare court accountings, estate management plans, and bond analyses.

Jennifer Terrell - Estate Operations Manager

Emma Davisson
Lori Lea Hentges
Irwin “JR” Oyama
Pamela Smith                                                                      Taylor Scott

Assistant Estate Administrators:

Under direct supervision of Managing Member/Director of Estate Services, assist with dual control for marshaling, securing, and inventory of personal property and financial documents; assist Estate Administrators and Asset/Property Manager as needed.

Delfina Lopez                                                                    Forrest Henninger                                                          Kimberly Murray                                                          Orlando Jimenez                                                                Shersta Chabot                                                                Veronica Pena






Asset Management:

Under direct supervision of the Principal/Director, inventory, obtain digital images, secure, and obtain appraisal (when appropriate) of property; supervise maintenance of the property, maintain exact records of all property; coordinate with realtors and maintenance personnel to facilitate the sale of real property; coordinates and supervises move of client’s personal property.

Jay Mankey – Asset Manager
Kyle DeBerry – Asset Mgnt. Assistant                          Orlando Jimenez - Asset Mgnt. Assistant

Special Projects Administrators:

Under the supervision of a licensed fiduciary, provides support services to review and summarize estate planning documents, assist the fiduciary management staff with a variety of legal issues, investigations, inventory, and documentation of estate assets. They assist in coordinating a variety of services necessary to preserve & protect estate assets such as, assisting Estate Administrators with sustainability analysis, assisting Estate Administrators with the resolution of financial claims against the estate, and assist Estate Administrators with marshaling, securing, and valuation of estate assets.

Lori Briece
Dean E. Brekke