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Care Advocate  
Elder Care Crisis Intervention / Health Advocate

In times of crisis, if health status or living situations change unexpectedly, we can help. Our staff can quickly assess an individual's needs and arrange appropriate care quickly. We can serve as a liaison for clients, health care professionals, and families close by or across the country. We are well versed in high quality, cost effective care alternatives. We provide short, long-term, or ongoing help tailored to your needs - as much or as little as you want.

What we do:
  • Understand the needs facing seniors
  • Advocate for our clients
  • Clarify problems and explore solutions
  • Co-ordinate multidisciplinary care
  • Ease the burden for families & caregivers

How we do it:
  • Assess current and future needs
  • Identify workable options
  • Design and implement plans of care
  • Monitor on-going support

Who we are:
  • Professionals in social work, nursing and counseling:
    • Experienced in maximizing the benefits of long-term care, Medicare, private and managed insurance.
    • Available to respond quickly in a crisis
  • We help: Individuals, couples & families facing health, functioning or cognitive challenges.
  • We assist: Physicians and healthcare professionals, Hospital discharge planners, Social services providers, senior housing communities, Banks trust officers and attorneys.